Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marie Osmond Dolls Show - March 2012 Dolls at Count Your Beans

Hello Count Your Beans Doll Friends!

Count Your Beans has new 2012 Marie Osmond Dolls in stock with more dolls on the way soon!

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

Marie Osmond Baby Abby Panda Perfect - $158.74

Marie Osmond Baby Adora Belle My Puppy Love Doll - $149.82

Marie Osmond Adora Belle Oh So Tweet Doll - $129.68

Marie Osmond My Posh Pal by Beverly Stoehr - $180.92

Marie Osmond Adora Belle The Wizard of Oz Dolls - Available Separately

Marie Osmond Heavenly Dreams Angel by Tawny Nix - $169.95

Marie Osmond Baby Rachael Lauren Doll - $149.82

Marie Osmond Journey A Passion For Pink by Karen Alderson - $129.68

Marie Osmond Peyton Doll (designed after Baby Face's daughter!) - $169.92

Marie Osmond Sunshine and Smiles Keepsake Doll - $34.95

Marie Osmond Romance Tiny Tot Doll - $49.24

Marie Osmond French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot - $49.18
2012 Doll of the Year Award / DOTY

Count Your Beans is happy to offer QVC price matching on all Marie Osmond dolls. We also offer FREE UPS Ground Insured S/H in the continental USA on shipped orders of $75.00 or more. We have been a family owned business since 1999 and truly appreciate your support!

We carry a full selection of Marie Osmond dolls on the website and we also sell Marie Osmond dolls at our eBay Store and through Amazon.

If you don't see a Marie Osmond doll at our website we also invite you to email us or check Paradise Galleries.

We also carry the new 2012 Adora Dolls & the new 2012 Kewpie Dolls

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Karen & John Krejcha
Count Your Beans

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dolls update from Count Your Beans - President's Day Weekend

Happy President's Day Weekend from Count Your Beans!

Count Your Beans has recently updated our website with new sales on Marie Osmond, Kewpie and Adora dolls!

Please visit for details!

Also, if you're looking for some special doll deals at Paradise Galleries this weekend, they are giving away a free with any purchase of $99 or greater.  Just click the link below for details!  Offer expires 2/28/12

If you prefer, there is also a holiday weekend special on shipping!  Spend $99 or more at Paradise Galleries and they will ship your order for just $1.00. Use the coupon code: EMP2PRES and click the link below.

Celebrate the holiday weekend! Spend $99 or more and we ship your order for $1! Shop Now at Paradise Galleries! Code: EMP2PRES (ends 3/2)

We are hoping to have official pictures and descriptions for the new Marie Osmond March show dolls sometime next week.  We were previously told that they would be released a month before the show so that retailers could take pre-orders.

We are basing a lot of our initial order amount on the quantity of pre-orders we have had in the past. We do recommend if you see a doll that you like, that you place a $10 deposit to reserve your doll.  Should you decide after seeing her on Marie's March 19th QVC doll shows that you do not want the doll, you may transfer the deposit to another doll or keep the $10.00 on credit with Count Your Beans.

New 2012 Adora & Kewpie dolls are now available for pre-order on our website.

We expect our order of new Adora releases to arrive the first week in March.  Kewpie dolls should be arriving later in March.

Thanks for your interest!
Karen & John
Count Your Beans Dolls and Bears

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 New Kewpie Dolls for 2012 at Count Your Beans

Charisma Brands and Count Your Beans are pleased to announce 5 new Kewpie Dollfor 2012.

We are now accepting pre-orders at 

Each doll will be $29.95 and we offer FREE S/H in the continental USA on orders over $75.00.

Kewpie Bunny Hop Doll

Kewpie Froggy Fun Doll

Kewpie Kat's Meow Doll

Kewpie Owlsome Doll

Kewpie Panda Perfect Doll

The new Kewpie dolls for 2012 are now available for pre-order and currently expected to arrive at Count Your Beans for delivery in March.  If you have any questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Please let us know which new Kewpie doll is your favorite!

We're accepting pre-orders now!

Karen & John Krejcha
Count Your Beans

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marie Osmond & Charisma Dolls News Update from CYB 2/12/12

Hello Count Your Beans Dolls & Bears Friends!

Since Charisma Brands is currently exhibiting at Toy Fair from February 12th - 15th, 2012, we thought it was time to update the website and blog with some new information about upcoming dolls coming in from Charisma to Count Your Beans in 2012.

We're making our way through older inventory in preparation for new March dolls!  Please check out our website for sales on dolls in stock!  Good while supplies last!

We made some updates to our website today and consolidated our Marie Osmond Dolls Alphabetical Pages into fewer sections.  You can now view Marie Osmond dolls alphabetically on our website at the following links:

A -  B & C - D - H -  I - Q -   R - Z

We look forward to being able to add new Marie Osmond March 2012 show dolls soon. We do have a list of the new dolls on the show but Charisma has asked all authorized dealers to not share this information until they give official permission to do so or share the information on their own for us to repost.

Charisma has told us that they expect to offically release information about the new dolls including pictures about a month before Marie's next doll shows on QVC.  As the shows are scheduled for the March 18th / March 19th timeframe (depending what coast you live on), we are hoping to be able to post descriptions and pictures in about a week.

Marie Osmond's next shows on QVC have been announced as follows:

West Coast: Sunday, March 18th at 11:00 p.m. and Monday, March 19th at 1:00 p.m. PT
Central Time Zone: Monday, March 19th at 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. CT
Eastern Time Zone: Monday, March 19th at 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m ET

We have not been told yet how long each show is, although we're anticipating it to be an hour each with new dolls on both shows. There should be a mixture of dolls of different sizes, different series, different price ranges. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to get more specific than that, however we can say that Marie Osmond and Charisma Brands did win a DOTY / Doll of the Year Award for the French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot and that doll WILL be on the show and availalbe at retailers such as Count Your Beans.

Allocations for the first shipment are quite low per retailer, so if interested in receiving her in the first run (there should be another run in the future), please let us know. She will retail at $49.95.

Please note that in order to not carry a lot of excess inventory, we have pre-ordered conservatively so once we post the new March show dolls, if you see a doll that you like, we highly recommend pre-orders so that you do not miss out.  If we sell out of something in pre-order, we will try to add more but due to low edition sizes, there is no guarantee we will get additional allocation, so please keep this in mind. In the August 2011 show, we had five sell-outs that sold out in pre-order with Count Your Beans and Charisma Brands. We definitely want to be able to get you the dolls that bring you smiles! 

We will be price matching QVC so if you pre-order a doll with us and the price drops on show day, we will honor QVC pricing. Depending on the discount, it may be QVC price match including shipping or it may be QVC price with Free shipping.  That will be at our discretion once we know what the show day pricing will be.  Bonus Beans for dolls that are price-matched more than will drop to 25 Bonus Beans each for toddlers and 10 Bonus Beans each for tiny tots.

Adora Dolls & Costumes - We will be bringing in new styles of 2012 Adora Toddler dolls in late February, early March.  Please see our Adora Toddler Pages to pre-order new styles. OINK (pictured above) is adorable and won a 2012 DOTY Award. 

We also have Girl Scout Dolls, Girl Scout Costumes and Nursery Time Babies in stock now. Please email us at if interested. We should have them up on our website by March.

Kewpie Dolls - There will be five new dolls for 2012  and we have all on pre-order. From the pictures we've seen (available shortly - see Froggy Fun above), they are VERY cute! - Kewpie Bunny Hop - Kewpie Froggy Fun - Kewpie Kat's Meow - Kewpie Owlsome - Kewpie Panda Perfect

The Kewpies are on pre-order and should probably be arriving to us sometime in March.

Paradise Galleries Dolls - We do have some older PG dolls available and will be selling them at our eBay and Amazon storefronts. If you'd like the chance to win a FREE doll or see new Paradise Galleries styles, you may do so at this link!

Other Doll & Bear lines that we are closing out and have limited stock available for are:

Please see our website for current sales!

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope to have new news for you soon!  We appreciate your support!
Karen & John Krejcha 
Count Your Beans

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dolls and Doll Reader Magazines Merge - Announcement at IDEX Trade Show 1/27

Hello Count Your Beans Doll Friends,
We thought you might be interesting in the following news release.

DOLLS, Doll Reader Magazines Merge!

The two premiere publications covering doll collecting, DOLLS and Doll Reader, will merge into one title in 2012 published under the name DOLLS by Jones Publishing. The deal was announced Jan. 27 at the Debut of Dolls and DOTY Awards Banquet during the IDEX trade show in Orlando, Fla. Jones Publishing also presented its Lifetime Achievement award to Maggie Iacono at the same event.

DOLLS and Doll Reader's sister publications, Teddy Bear Review and Teddy Bear & Friends, will also merge this year. Jones Publishing will retain the title Teddy Bear & Friends but increase the magazine's frequency to TBR's bimonthly schedule.

"By working collaboratively with our industry partners, we know that we can help make the industry stronger," said IDEX Vice President Susan Fitzgerald. "This new merger will allow us to reach more people and, in turn, grow the publications and their content. We believe this will also help to develop and expand IDEX, which remains the leading industry show."

DOLLS Publisher Carie Ferg agreed, saying "Uniting two great, long-standing doll magazines into one dynamic title, as well as partnering with IDEX, presents us with a terrific opportunity to use the combined strengths of Jones Publishing and Madavor Media to grow the industry."

The new DOLLS magazine will be sent to both DOLLS and Doll Reader subscribers beginning with the March 2012 issue, which mails Feb. 2. This issue features a sneak peek at what dollmakers have planned for this year. The new combined magazine will continue to feature fan-favorite columns and features from Doll Reader on a regular basis, including patterns by Marsha Olson and Antique Q&A by Jan Foulke, and well as DOLLS' readers favorites.

The big change will come for Haute Doll, which has appeared for the past year as a special section with a flip cover in Doll Reader. With the merger DOLLS will move from 10 issues to a monthly publishing schedule, with one special-focus issue every quarter appearing as DOLLS Presents: Haute Doll, entirely devoted to high-fashion and ball-jointed dolls. The regular issues of DOLLS won't neglect popular fashion dolls and BJDs, but the content will remain suitable for all ages, while Haute Doll specials will venture into edgier fashion and ball-jointed doll releases.

Doll Reader subscribers will have the remaining issues of their subscription applied to DOLLS; readers who subscribe to both magazines will have their DOLLS subscription extended by the number of issues remaining on their Doll Reader subscription. An FAQ is posted on the DOLLS website,, to answer questions about the merger, and Jones Publishing has issued an invitation to readers to send feedback, suggestions, and additional questions to DOLLS staff. Contact information and links are posted on the DOLLS website under the "Contact Us" link at the top of the home page.

Jones Publishing and DOLLS magazine have committed to have a strong presence at IDEX, which will continue to be owned and managed by Madavor Media. Look for some exciting events sponsored by Jones at the 2013 IDEX show, including the presentation of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award!


We found this to be interesting news!  What do you think?

On a personal note, Count Your Beans will soon be carrying the 2012 Adora dolls at our website, eBay and Amazon. New Marie Osmond 2012 dolls should be announced in February and start becoming available sometime around late March.

We appreciate your support and look forward to earning your business and support!

Karen & John Krejcha
Count Your Beans

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marie Osmond Dolls Update from Count Your Beans

Hello Doll Friends,

It has been a long time since we blogged here at the Count Your Beans blog.  Although we have done updates on our Count Your Beans news page, Facebook page and Twitter along the way, it's time to get going with the blogging again.

Our post today is primarily a cut and paste of the 9/1 and 8/26 news updates from our regular website. It focuses on updates for the Marie Osmond line of dolls from Charisma Brands sold by Count Your Beans at

From 9/1/11

The following dolls are sold out in pre-order at Count Your Beans:  Adora Belle The Roaring 20th - 20th Anniversary Platinum Rose - My Perfect Pal - We are taking a waiting list for each doll should we have cancellations.  Please note that we have been told we will not be able to get a future order of these dolls from Charisma as Charisma as sold out their entire edition of each doll so if you are on the waitlist, you may wish to try and reserve a doll elsewhere. (We love your business but we'd rather have you get your wish list doll than wait and not be able to find her.)

Casperella by Karen Scott - LE 150 - Retail Exclusive - Will be at Count Your Beans

Other dolls that have sold out at Charisma but that we still have in limited quantity are: 20th Anniversary Kissy My Heart - Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot - Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Tiny Tot - Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper - Treats and Treasures Keepsake - Please note that we have been told we will not be able to get a future order of these dolls from Charisma as Charisma as sold out their entire edition of each doll.   Therefore we recommend if you want any of these dolls and haven't yet pre-ordered to do so very soon.  We expect sell-outs on most.

Adora Belle Sasha Steampunk Mop Top - Will be at Count Your Beans

We also have very few left in pre-order for Adora Belle Sasha Steampunk (not shown on QVC) - Casperella (Retail Exclusive) - Love Makes The World Go Round -Happily Ever Laughter Baby Bubbles - Little Lovey's Closet - Val - We may be able to re-order these. It all depends on Charisma's stock. With so many sell outs of other dolls, it's really hard to tell what will happen. 

We're currently okay in supply on Baby Bundle Boo - My Beary Special Friend & Marie Sunshine & Happiness (Charisma is low on her but we had pre-ordered a fairly decent amount)
Adora Belle Sasha Steampunk was not shown on QVC, however we will have her as well as the retail exclusive Halloween doll, Casperella.

Love Makes The World Go Round - Available for pre-order at Count Your Beans

** Important News ** about Love Makes The World Go Round We confirmed today with our lovely rep at Charisma that due to an unfortunate factory error, the music box initially placed in the shipment of these dolls was "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and not "Love Makes The World Go Round".  Charisma and Count Your Beans are very sorry about this but will make it right!  The good news is that Charisma's factory is working diligently to rework the dolls and make the situation right as soon as possible. As it does take a bit to fix, there will be a delay in retailers getting this doll and shipping to collectors, however it's much better to have the right doll with the right music box shipped together the first time so we definitely appreciate your patience, understanding and support.  Marie sculpted this doll personally and wants it to be just right for collectors.  When we have further information, we'll let you know.  We will contact each pre-order via email personally by the end of the weekend.

We are still expecting the August show dolls minus 20th Anniversary Platinum Rose (ETA Oct) and Love Makes The World Go Round (ETA to be determined) to arrive at Charisma on / around 9/7 and ship shortly thereafter.  We're hoping to have dolls in stock by Monday, September 19th since we're in Washington state and Charisma's warehouse is in Maryland.  Thanks for your patience!

Little Miss Pink For The Cure - on sale in our Count Your Beans eBay store

Other dolls coming back into stock or now back in are: It's Been A Hoot Toddler - Silver Lining - The Gift of Love - Little Miss Pink For The Cure - Hydie - We invite you to check out our sales! - We also will be bringing in new Adora dolls for the Fall.  Stay tuned for updates!.

We really appreciate all the pre-orders and support!  This has been a challenging year in a variety of ways and we truly appreciate our collecting friends and customers!  Please note that our rep at Charisma has confirmed that at this point there will be no Adora Belle Holiday 2011 or other Christmas holiday dolls scheduled other than the Harmony What Child is This Tiny Tot and the Peppermint Snowflake announced earlier in the year as Retailer exclusives.

We are happy to say that Marie Osmond announced during her August 26th QVC show that she'd be back on air in January or February of 2012. We look forward to seeing her and being able to supply you with the amazing dolls she and Charisma are sure to have in store for 2012!! 

Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper - sold out Charisma but Count Your Beans will have!

Happily Ever Laughter by Ping Lau - Makes you smile!  We'll have her!

From 8/26/11:

Last Updated 8/26/11
QVC Price Matching has been added for the new Marie Osmond show dolls based on the QVC website prices as of 2:42 a.m. EST on 8/26!  If there are any more changes during the show, we will update our website accordingly.

We're offering QVC price matching, Bonus Beans and FREE S/H in the continental USA on shipped orders over $75! Watch Marie Osmond Debut her August Show Dolls on QVC on Friday, August 26th from Noon - 2 p.m. PST!  
 20th Anniversary Kissy My Heart by Marie Osmond - 20th Anniversary Platinum Rose & 20th Anniversary Book by Marie Osmond - Adora Belle Sasha Steampunk Mop Top by Marie Osmond - Adora Belle The Roaring 20th by Marie Osmond - Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot by Rachel Scott - Baby Bubbles by Marie Osmond - Baby Bundle Boo & Heartfelt Giving Craft Book by Sherri Williams (Doll) & Marie Osmond (Book) - Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Tiny Tot by Marie Osmond and Karen Scott - Casperella Retail Exclusive by Karen Scott - Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper by Marie Osmond - Happily Ever Laughter by Ping Lau -Little Lovey's Closet by Lorella Falconi - Love Makes The World Go Round by Marie Osmond - Marie Sunshine & Happiness by Emily Garthright - My Beary Special Friend by Lori Ivanovic and Annette Funicello - My Perfect Pal by Ping Lau - Val by Beverly Stoehr

Shipping update from Charisma: The authorized dealers' supply of New Marie Osmond August Show Dolls is currently expected to arrive at Charisma around 9/7 and ship to retailers shortly thereafter. Since they ship from Maryland and we're in Washington state, we're currently estimating an arrival time in mid-September for all August Show Dolls except the Platinum Rose Doll / Book which has a 6 week QVC hold and has an ETA of mid-October.  Thank you for your patience and support!  As always, we are happy to offer QVC Anniversary Show Price Matching and will adjust your invoices accordingly if you have pre-ordered.

Don't forget Marie Osmond & Karen Scott's Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot for Halloween

Thanks for stopping by!  We will update again soon with information about our other offerings such as:

and more!

Karen & John
Count Your Beans

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recent Doll Arrivals at Count Your Beans

Here we are in the middle of May already!  In our house it has been a very busy month.  Our youngest son is now officially registered for Kindergarten and will be turning 5 at the end of next week.  Ryan loves preschool but is really looking forward to going to a "big kids" school.

Our oldest son is doing very well in his first year of middle school and will finish up 6th grade in about 4 and a half weeks.  He's been doing a lot of camping with the Boy Scouts and is his pack's webmaster. This pretty impressive since the boys there range in age from 11 - 18 and Justin is 11.

John and I have been quite busy as well and are working behind the scenes to improve Count Your Beans and make sure that each customer has a positive experience with our business.  We're also reviewing our product line offerings.  Is there a collectible doll, bear or gift line that you collect but we don't carry? Please let us know in the Comments section of our blog.

We wanted to share a little with you about some recent doll arrivals.  Those who have pre-ordered these dolls have all been contacted via email so if you pre-ordered and have not heard from us, please drop us a line. Thanks!

Marie Osmond Dolls ~  from Charisma Brands

Marie is tentatively scheduled to be back on QVC August 26th (per a tweet from Marie) so for the short-term, there won't be too many new dolls coming in but we just received at the end of last week the long-awaited debut of the first two dolls in Marie's Sweet Confections Keepsakes Series. These cute porcelain dolls each come with a cake and a LED light-up candle.

Unfortunately she did not arrive until after Mother's Day but the good news is that that there is no labeling on the box regarding name so this Marie Osmond A Treat For Mom Keepsake can be used for a variety of different gifts, including general birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays, Marie Osmond Happy Birthday To You Keepsake just arrived into stock as well.  This cute little girl is about 9" tall (plus the height of the hat) and retails for $34.95. 

Kewpie ~ Charisma Brands

Speaking of sweet celebrations, 5 new Candy Theme Kewpie dolls have just arrived at Count Your Beans! Each is approximately 8" doll, jointed in the head, arms and legs and made of vinyl.  

Affordably priced for collecting and gift-giving at just $29.95 and won't cause cavities!

Salt Water Taffy Kewpie (comes with turquoise taffy, not pictured)

Lollipop Kewpie (lollipop has a peppermint glitter coating, not pictured)

Adora ~ Charisma Brands

We've notice that the 2011 selection of Adora Toddlers and Adora Babies have been very popular with collectors in the USA, Brazil and Russia. Most dolls are priced between $69.95 and $89.95.

This particular doll we've been waiting on is very special because you get a beautiful Adora Toddler doll and you get 4 seasonal outfits to go along with her.

Here is Adora Pin-A-Four Seasons ~ cleverly named because she has 4 pinafores with her for the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, cuteness 365 days a year.

Here is the link to order Adora Pin-A-Four Seasons.

Buy any doll with Count Your Beans between now and May 31st and we'll include with your package a 10% coupon to be used toward a future May or June order!  

Include the Code DOUBLEBB with any new order between now and the end of the month and we'll also double your Bonus Beans for that order. (You must include the code with your payment or email it to us at the time of your order for double Bonus Beans to be applied.)

We hope you enjoyed this preview of recent doll arrivals!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Karen & John
Count Your Beans

A few bonus links!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Congratulations to Marie Osmond & Steve Craig on their Rewedding!

When you're as a big of an entertainer as Marie Osmond is, it is very hard to keep big secrets.  She performs regularly in Las Vegas with her brother, Donny Osmond, she is the spokeswoman for a variety of brands, she's been seen on Dancing With The Stars, she is involved in a lot of charity work and 2011 is her 20th anniversary of creating Marie Osmond dolls.

Our first meeting & Star Retailer Award with Marie at Disneyland in July of 2004

Many people were quite surprised to learn that today, May 4th, 2011, Marie Osmond and her first husband, Stephen Craig retied the knot in a private ceremony at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally married from 1982 - 1985, they are now celebrating marriage together once again and we wish them happiness, love, inner peace, friendship and the very best in their union.

The wedding date was especially significant to Marie because it marks the birthday for Marie's late mom, Olive May Osmond and her late son, Michael Bryan.  "It was important that both Michael and my mom were with us on this special day," said Marie in an earlier interview.

We expect to hear and see more news stories about Marie in the upcoming days.  Marie and her brother Donny are both quite active on Twitter, so we wouldn't be surprised to see tweets @marieosmond and @donnyosmond. 

Today Marie wore the same Ret Turner designed wedding gown that she wore on her first wedding day.  Now that's impressive! Maybe I should give NutriSystem a closer look... my 20th wedding anniversary is in 2012 and I'd love to fit into my wedding dress and renew my vows with John!

Who knows? Maybe there will even be a new Marie Osmond fashion doll in the future in a replica of her wedding dress?  (Those are just my thoughts being thrown out there, doll friends. Nothing has been said to us from Marie or Charisma.  It just seems like sort of a natural thing for collectors to appreciate.) 

We hope that Marie & Steve will "Bea Happy" for many years to come!

In celebration of their surprise marriage, Count Your Beans decided that our next dolly deal will be 11% off any new in-stock Marie Osmond dolls or Marie Osmond Little Miracles Figurines at the Count Your Beans Website.  Dolls not in stock are not included and orders must be paid in full for this special. (We do offer layaways but not with this special promotion.)  Supplies limited to stock on hand. New Count Your Beans website orders only.  Not to be combined with any other discount.

Doll exceptions because of already reduced pricing include Adora Belle Bea Happy (price matched already at $69.99), Sweet Baby Bridgette (price matched already at $105.65) and Elephant Fun (last one in stock and sold out at Charisma, our price $169.95)

Just email your order to John at or Karen at by the end of Sunday, May 8th with the code: WW11MOBLOG and we will send you an invoice with the corrected amount.  Conversely if you want to go ahead and order through our online shopping cart, we will credit 11% back to your account the day of shipping as long as you email the above code or include it in the payment notes section.  Please note that the 11% off applies to merchandise only and that we offer Free UPS Ground Insured shipping in the continental USA on shipped orders of $75.00 or more after discount has been applied.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our newest May dolly deal!
Congratulations again to Marie and Steve!

Karen & John
Count Your Beans

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Begins with 15% Off Whispering Willow Fairies for Blog Visitors

Happy beginning of May!

We had some nice weather this weekend in SW Washington, which is a good thing since John and our oldest son had a Boy Scout Camporee camping event with 500 of their closest friends!

Ryan and I watched the fort here at home and played a new game that we made up recently called Goofball.  If you haven't tried it yet, it's going to be all the rage!  We're already thinking patent...

I just finished 30 days in a row of blogging in support of Autism Awareness at my Aspierations - Come as you are... Let your light shine... blog and John was quite active with his Life and Times of John Krejcha blog as well as his new Autism and Scouting blog.  Just because National Autism Awareness month is now over for 2011 doesn't mean we won't continue to advocate, accept, enrich and empower.  

It is a personal calling and Count Your Beans enjoys helping as well.  Since 1999, a portion of profits from all our sales are donated to charities which support children.  Admittedly in the past few years since both our sons were diagnosed on the autism spectrum, we've had a bit more calling in one direction, however there are many amazing and worthwhile charities out there we enjoy supporting.

I'll admit that I haven't been focusing on blogging here at Count Your Beans Dolls & Bears as much as I would have liked to but for the month of May, that is going to positively change as we start a new program on our blog which will feature a few select dolls, bears and collectibles to showcase each week.

We are also going to reward our loyal blog friends with very limited time coupons and offers that visitors here will be able to use by emailing their codes into us at


Our first Special Offer is an additional 15% off any Whispering Willow Fairies doll order placed on our website.  This is an AMAZING deal since dolls and fairies are already marked up to 75% off!

Just email your order to John at or Karen at by the end of Wednesday, May 4th with the code: WW15BLOG and we will send you an invoice with the corrected amount.  Conversely if you want to go ahead and order through our online shopping cart, we will credit 15% back to your account the day of shipping.  Please note that the 15% off applies to merchandise only and that we offer Free UPS Ground Insured shipping in the continental USA on shipped orders of $75.00 or more after discount has been applied. 

Whispering Willow Fairies are a wonderful line of beautiful fairy and fantasy dolls sculpted by Silke Janas-Schloesser and produced by Charisma Brands (home to Marie Osmond dolls).  Count Your Beans would love to be your source for these lovely mystical and magical friends!

wwfairies.jpg (26617 bytes)
The Whispering Willow dolls debuted at trade shows in early 2008 and have received lots of positive attention for their amazing beauty and poseability!  They have also been seen on QVC and The Shopping Channel in Canada and make wonderful Mother's Day Gifts.

We invite you to check back at our blog regularly to see what our new May specials will be!
Thanks for stopping in! Hope you have a lovely May!
Karen & John
Count Your Beans